Act of Acknowledgement

Suriname | 2005-2015
The Act of Acknowledgement series portrays Suriname and its relationship with the Netherlands. It is my graduation projects and one of the largest bodies of work I’ve ever made (also picked up by Dutch magazine HP De Tijd). My goal was to show and share the beautiful country of Suriname and to ignite curiosity among the Dutch. I have made the photos in the past ten years using various techniques and materials, including 120mm film, 35mm film, Lomography cameras, compact cameras, analogue and digital SLR cameras, double exposure techniques and cross process development techniques.

When I finally saw this 35mm photo I was blown away by the colors and contrast. It became the literal poster image for this project.
By cross processing my analogue film the colors become way more saturated, fitting to this subject.
Double exposure technique: taking multiple pictures on the same piece of film.
Two boys - one Surinamese and one Dutch - wearing the well known 'I love SU' shirts.
The son of our boat captain was willing to pose for my 35mm camera.
Double exposure portrait.
A 120mm film double exposure of the Surinamerivier and a man with a bicycle.
The Surinamese flag
... and the Dutch.
The painful irony of loving your country and tearing it down at the same time.